Times of India News Reader

Times of India News Reader 1.0

Displays news and alerts of what's happening in India
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Downloads the news for offline reading with events that are happening in India. Displays only headlines or full stories.

Innovative desktop application powered by .NET (Windows Presentation Foundation), intended to transform the way news content is consumed on the desktop for the convenience of reading.

Main features:

- Read the news when you are not online. With the Times of India Reader take the news with you. Download the news once in the morning and your are all set. You don't need to be online, Simply read the stories you want when you want.
- Browse the news in interesting ways. Whether you like skimming headlines or diving right into the news, choose a reading style that you like. Change the theme of the reader and customize it to suit your reading habits.
- Connect back only when you want to. Update the reader when you want to and get access to the latest news from your favourite section. It's quick and it's easy. You'll love it.

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